60g        - $16.95

120g      - $24.95

250g      - $44.95

Products Include:

  • Fisiocrem

  • Hotteeze Heat Pads

  • Emu Oil Products

  • InEssence Essential Oils

  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium

  • High Quality Lupin bags

  • Sports Tape

  • Foam Rollar

  • Assorted Braces eg. Ankle Brace, Back Brace

  • BioAstin - Hawaiin Astaxathin

  • "Booby Pillow"

We sell a variety of products here at Floreat, all of which are natural.
All are on display in our reception area along with prices. If there is something specific you are after, we may be able to order it in for you.
Any questions or enquires please do not hesitate to contact us.


Flakes 750g        - $16.00

Flakes 3.63kg     - $55.00

Oil 237ml            - $27.00

Gel 237ml           - $34.00


+ many more!

InEssence Essential Oils

Prices start from: $12.95


Rectangular          - $16.50

Neck                      - $20.00

Neck-Curved        - $25.00

Lumbar                 - $30.00


Prices start from: $9.95

BioAstin Capsules

60 Gel Caps             -$31.00

120 Gel Caps           -$55.00

50 12mg Gel Caps  -$55.00

     "Booby Pillow"


Intoducing our newest product! Custom made here at Floreat, is now available for purchase!
(Can also be used during your next massage for free!)


BioAstin - Hawaiian Astaxathin - World's Strongest Antioxidant!

With so many health benefits, it's not hard to see why famous doctors and health proffesionals are raving about it! Here are just some of the benefits taking BioAstin can make:  help reduce aches and pains from arthritis, joint soreness and tendonitis, give energy, increase strength and improve endurance, improve immune system, support cardiovascular health, works as an 'internal sunscreen' & many more!

For more information, come into Floreat and speak to one of our friendly staff!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

We sell a wide range of Salt Lamps at Floreat, from small to 5XL and also sphere and fire bowl salt lamps (which are extremeley popular). There are many benefits to having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home including:

  • Natural Air Ioniser

  • Filters the air in your home

  • Relieves stress and is good for relaxation

  • Assists with meditation and sleep

  • Makes a great night light

Refrigerated Drinks now available!

Prices are as follows:

Pearl Royal 100% Coconut Water 310ml   -$3.20

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 250ml      -$2.50

Tonika Kombucha 330ml                             -$5.00

Magnesium Sparkling Water 250ml           -$2.20

Magnesium Sparkling Water 750ml           -$3.70