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Frisbee Health & Chiropractic

Dr. Jennifer Frisby-Smith     B.Appl.Sci.(clinical), B.Chiro.Sci.(Hons), B.A.


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Dr. Jen is a highly experienced chiropractor with a 18-year tenure in her profession. She not only owns her own business and clinic in Fulham but also dedicates her expertise to Floreat by visiting our location three times every fortnight. Dr. Jen consistently garners outstanding feedback from her clients, underscoring her commitment to her work and her genuine passion for chiropractic care.
"I personally guarantee if I cannot help you, I will refer you to someone who can and your visit with me is FREE"
Her services include: Chiropractic - Applied Kinesiology, Retained Reflexes
All of Jen's services are claimable on the spot with HICAPS

Consultation Hours:  
Tuesday    2pm - 6pm
Friday        2pm - 6pm (ALT)
Appointments Necessary

Dr. Jen is a Member's Choice Provider. (Medibank Private) and also a Member's First Provider (Bupa)

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